Random page as inner guide

Saturday: 4 pm: Hatched in JP. Come be with us.

A few days ago, Liz Vittori-Koch, my friend and purveyor of Hatched, in JP and I were talking about the election results, trying to make some sense of things.

We decided that getting together at Hatched from 4-6 this Saturday, was one way to process what’s happening, and point to the books as a very relevant and practical tool for
touching ground,
remaining open,
seeing freshly the tremendous potential of the next breath, morning,
thing to be done
– no matter how the drums of fear may beat – or how unwanted the situation.
This resource is available to you right now and at all times in all circumstances, with or without the books.

The same type of disorienting circumstances as these compelled me to put words and pictures together, eventually becoming 2 books. Where will this strange turn of events lead us? It is never all one thing. Love is at work here too.

Come be with us this Saturday, 4-6pm and tell us which page opened for you in your books (Contemporary Prayers or Help me [  ], do the thing. ) when you open to what’s there. Try it right now. Avail yourself of connection. Tell us what other resources you’re drawing on. We together are ever resourceful.

Your own inner guide can use anything to reach you, even when it seems you’re in a dream.

Here are a few I got tonight:



Hope to see you on Saturday. with love,

Hannah Burr


PS. I’m now sharing images from my studio practice on instagram. It’s like a mini-show every day. Helps me see and know we are legion, we are love itself. You might enjoy the colors and the mess by following along.