Here and Now! Joy in 2017 – Seven writing prompts.

It’s five days into 2017. I declare this whole month a time to invite in what we most want. And I don’t mean things. I mean qualities. In 2008 I wrote Your Year In Review. It was a bunch of writing prompts to reflect on what transpired in the past year, and a bit of looking forward to the next. So. Let’s start fresh, looking forward! I have arrived at your door with a gift. Instead of preserved lemons or dilly beans, it’s writing prompts for bright aliveness.

If it’s grumpy or zapped times for you, begin with what’s hardest to see past. This is very fertile ground to plant seeds of joy in. Don’t spend too long in this stuff, and be sure you have time to spend on the next questions too. No editing.

1. What is absolutely not working in your experience today? Be specific. Don’t make it about other people. Spend 5 minutes here. If you’re already inspired, skip to Q3.

2. If you’re feeling stuck: What old tapes keep getting played in your experience that you can do without? It’s hard to see these sometimes. I find it’s easiest when the patterning you operate under is presently, painfully evident. If not, you can save this one for another day.

3. Looking at the Q1 list: What would work better? For each line item, flip it around. Use positive language and be more specific than: I want to be happy or for the problem to go away. Tell me more. Eg. I want to feel energized and confident. OK! I’d love to find that the situation rights itself without any effort on my part – much to my surprise, we just moved on. It was replaced with…

What does happy look like specifically?

4. Imagine a day filled with energy and confidence. Write it out. Embellish. Bring out your kid-like, over the top imagination. This is dress up time. Go full out. It’s play. End with THIS OR SOMETHING BETTER so the forces you live by have a chance to expand beyond our amazing-but-limited human imagination.

5. Now, What are you grateful for? Make as long a list as possible! What are you grateful for right now?
What’s working that would you like to see flourish?
What do you want to acknowledge in yourself? In others?

6. How would you like to feel the next hour? What surprising situation would you thrill to experience (laughing so hard you snort perhaps?) (a suddenly neutral to enjoyable experience of being in a body?).

7. At the end of the year (or choose the time frame) you are blown away, awed, amazed, and a little astonished by what has taken place. You are feeling solid and grounded, and you have exceeded the measley visions of the past. If you’re honest and tapped into your highest truth, what do you see around you, what has transpired?

The crap parts are inevitable, human, and invaluable in revealing what wants to be alive and vibrant just underneath. Write this all out. Let it all go. You can use this moment to collaborate with just this moment, which is who you are, and shift the currents. With these aspirations, you clear the decks for what comes next. Hold no expectation, while acting as if! it is so. This is your world.

Joy in our hearts in 2017.

Contact me to set up a one on one session. This is a taste of how I work but just us is a whole new layer of sublime and transformation.

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