Boston Art Book Fair this weekend!

Some news!

There’s an Art Book Fair in Boston this weekend and…

I’ll be there!

Come take a peek at the brand new book I’m developing in a presentation there on Saturday evening!

I’ll be sharing a table with the illustrious Sue Murad.

I have a simple new catalogue of my interactive projects. Come see!

I’d love to see you, get your news, hear your thoughts.

Come visit and take a look!

with love,

Hannah B.

[now located in Ann Arbor MI.]


the Boston Art Book Fair is at the Boston Center for the Arts.

Saturday Oct 21 12-8, and Sunday Oct 22, 12-6.

7:00 pm-7:30 pm a brief presentation Working Title: Elements – about book 3 where the readings/films are (Black Box theatre I think). A list of presenters is below.

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